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    Winter continues, now with sledding and snowmen! The solders in the photo above the snowmen are posing for their snow-sculpted counterparts below.

    Also note that in the photo of the trees, there is a man climbing a ladder to a hidden lookout near their tops. Awesome!

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    Landscapes in winter. Walter sure had an eye for the beautiful things around him, and he found them here even in the middle of the war. It’s really touching that he took the time to take these photos and to make a spread of them in the album.

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    Walter wrote a report here detailing a scouting troop he lead and a small skirmish with the enemy. The map shows their movements in the general area that they traveled. In the end, they were spotted and retreated while throwing grenades at the enemy.

    The full account can be read in English in my book version of this album. Buy the print version on Amazon or the PDF on my website.

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    Training exercises and more portraits.

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    Portraits and skiing! This isn’t a leisurely ski, though. The man in the photos is part of the Alpine-jäger, a specialized group of skiing riflemen. Look at him shred it!

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    Portraits, but also a landscape with a destroyed house and a postcard of Walter’s regiment. The postcard was sent to Walter’s wife, Kathrin, in January 1916. I love the group photos they took for postcards, they’re all trying so hard to look good for the picture!

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    July 1915. Some handsome pilot. Walter must have liked him a great deal to have devoted an entire spread to him. He looks very sure of himself.

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    Walter in Frapelle, France. Here we see him loading a machine gun and posing with some friends. The man Walter is standing next to in the photo with the cane may be his servant during the war.

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    The second half of the spread with 34. More self-portraits of Walter. He sure was a handsome fellow.

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    Walter looking very distinguished. Maybe I should grow a mustache…