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    Walter and company continue their leave in Mulhouse. Here they serenade a woman outside her window, play with the local children and catch up with family members.

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    The higher-ups head out from Mulhouse, and leave continues. That car and its driver are pretty great. This guy with the mustache gets pranked by a friend, who pretends to choke him.

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    High-ranking officials visit Walter’s regiment while they are on leave. They’ve got thick, handsome coats and shiny boots. You can see the special attention they’ve put for the visit: laying out a table cloth for lunch and setting up big lawn chairs.

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    Walter and the gang: Reading mail, hanging out with some dogs, wearing cool capes and reading the newspaper in the woods.

    From Walter Koessler 1914-1918: The personal photo journal of a German officer in World War I

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    Barbed wire tangles (Walter calls them “jumbles” in his report), keeping a lookout in the trenches, working on artillery and mending clothes.

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    Look at these handsome dudes. Seriously: handsome. Also seriously young. They’re practically teenagers, a pretty scary part of the first world war.

    From Walter Koessler 1914-1918: The personal photo journal of a German officer in World War I

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    Portraits of the officers. Walter’s on the far left in the group photo.

  8. More negatives from page 15 of the photo album. I would not want to have to fight the guys that built this trench. Also: That pipe is boss.

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  9. numerologyreadings asked: Absolutely breathtaking blog, I have spent some time sifting through your archive and I am speechless, thank you so much for posting all these amazing photos on Tumblr! Do you have a book published, and if yes is it available in the UK?

    Thanks! Copies of the book are available on Amazon, but if that is unable to ship internationally you can also buy them from my website. Email me once you’ve bought a copy and I’ll send you the PDF copy as well as the digital download for all the high-res scans!

  10. A scan of the original negative from page 15 of Walter’s WWI album.