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    The second half of the spread with 34. More self-portraits of Walter. He sure was a handsome fellow.

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    Walter looking very distinguished. Maybe I should grow a mustache…

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    More airplane business. Plus a crashed pilot in the hospital and some photos of the crash site. Bummer!

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    The beginning of Walter’s aerial reconnaissance work. Walter would take photos from these biplanes with a camera pointed between his legs and through the bottom of the plane. That’s Walter in the center of the first photo.

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    The men gather for a funeral. Walter put just about all the photos of dead men on this spread. A monk and a priest are present to perform the burial, and they’ve found a nice spot on a hill for the grave. Other soldiers were not so lucky and have been buried in their trench, covered in sheets and left with notes or personal effects.

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    Unpacking a Christmas gift from the Kaiser: Beer! They’ve got a pretty great tree set up, full of tinsel and lit candles.

    The rest of the page is general good-times. The men gather to see a couple of clowns perform, somebody’s pouring a glass of water on rough-housers, and a few guys are hanging around a tree.

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    Taking a break in the summer. Playing with the dog and playing outside. Pretty athletic, these guys.

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    This is another one of my favorite pages. Jammed full of good stuff, most of the images here appear in full spreads in the print edition of Walter Koessler 1914-1918.

    Included in this set:

    • Maschinengewehr 08 machine gun
    • Karabingranate M1914 rifle grenades
    • The coolest dudes, hanging out in a machine gun hold
    • A pressurizer mask for high-altitude flying

    Here’s a short reminder that if you buy the print book and email me at deanputney@gmail.com, I will send you the high-resolution scans for all the photos in the album.

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    Building something. There’s a lot of concrete mixing and string winding going on here. Walter labeled the back of one of these photos as “Frapelle 1915”, so it must be near Frapelle, France.

    Today is the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I. I’m going to try to be more regular with the blog here, please harass me on Twitter if I start to fall behind!

  10. Postcards from the Trenches is a Kickstarter to highlight the drawn and painted postcards from soldiers in WWI as an exhibit in Houston, Texas. The exhibit centers around 80 postcards by a single soldier to his love Irma and will also contain a collection of drawings by other artists.

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